Initial Conditions file


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3.3. Initial Conditions file#

To start the model, information about the conditions at the start of the run is required. This information is provided in initial conditions file. One file can be specified for each grid (MultipleInitFiles=1 in RunControl.nml, filename includes grid number) or, alternatively, a single file can be specified for all grids (MultipleInitFiles=0 in RunControl.nml, no grid number in the filename). After that, a new InitialConditionsSSss_YYYY.nml file will be written for each grid for the following years. It is recommended that you look at these files (written to the input directory) to check the status of various surfaces at the end or the run. This may help you get more realistic starting values if you are uncertain what they should be. Note this file will be created for each year for multiyear runs for each grid. If the run finishes before the end of the year the InitialConditions file is still written and the file name is appended with ‘_EndofRun’.

A sample file of InitialConditionsSSss_YYYY.nml looks like


The two most important pieces of information in the initial conditions file is the soil moisture and state of vegetation at the start of the run. This is the minimal information required; other information can be provided if known, otherwise SUEWS will make an estimate of initial conditions.

The parameters and their setting instructions are provided through the links below:


Variables can be in any order