SUEWS input converter


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3.8. SUEWS input converter#


The SUEWS table converter has been integrated into SuPy as a command line tool suews-convert since v2020a. Please install SuPy and run suews-convert to convert input tables from an older version to a newer one.

3.8.1. Usage#

Please refer to the SuPy API page.

3.8.2. Example (from 2018a to 2020a)#

Assuming your 2018a files are all included in the folder your_2018a_folder and your desirable converted files should be placed in a new folder your_2020a_folder, please do the following in your command line tool:

suews-convert -f 2018a -t 2020a -i your_2018a_folder -o your_2020a_folder


suews-convert will use the RunControl.nml file in your original folder to determine the location of input tables.