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  3. Please cite SUEWS with proper information from our Zenodo page. suews-convert#

Convert SUEWS input tables from older versions to newer ones (one-way only).

suews-convert [OPTIONS]


-f, --from <fromVer>#

Required Version to convert from


2019b | 2019a | 2018c | 2018b | 2018a | 2017a | 2016a

-t, --to <toVer>#

Required Version to convert to


2020a | 2019b | 2019a | 2018c | 2018b | 2018a | 2017a

-i, --input <fromDir>#

Required Original directory to convert, which must have the RunControl.nml file

-o, --output <toDir>#

Required New directory to create for converted tables. Note: the created directory will have the same structure as the origianl one; however, forcing files and output folder won’t be includede.