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supy.util.cal_z0zd(ser_qh, ser_ustar, ser_ta_c, ser_rh_pct, ser_pres_hpa, ser_ws, z_meas, h_sfc, debug=False)[source]#

Calculates surface roughness and zero plane displacement height. Refer to for example Parameters#

ser_qh: pd.DataFrame

sensible heat flux [W/m^2]

ser_ustar: pd.Series

friction velocity [m/s]

ser_ta_c: pd.Series

air temperature [°C]

ser_rh_pct: pd.Series

relative humidity [%]

ser_pres_hpa: pd.Series

air pressure [hPa]

z_meas: number

measurement height in m

h_sfc: number

vegetation height in m

debugbool, optional

Option to output final calibrated ModelResult, by default False Returns#


surface roughness length for momentum


zero displacement height