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  3. Please cite SUEWS with proper information from our Zenodo page. supy.util.gen_epw#

supy.util.gen_epw(df_output: DataFrame, lat, lon, tz=0, path_epw=PosixPath('uTMY.epw')) Tuple[DataFrame, str, Path][source]#

Generate an epw file of uTMY (urbanised Typical Meteorological Year) using SUEWS simulation results Parameters#


SUEWS simulation results.

path_epwPath, optional

Path to store generated epw file, by default Path(‘./uTMY.epw’).

lat: float

Latitude of the site, used for calculating solar angle.

lon: float

Longitude of the site, used for calculating solar angle.

tz: float

time zone represented by time difference from UTC+0 (e.g., 8 for UTC+8), by default 0 (i.e., UTC+0) Returns#

df_epw, text_meta, path_epw: Tuple[pd.DataFrame, str, Path]
  • df_epw: uTMY result

  • text_meta: meta-info text

  • path_epw: path to generated epw file