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supy.util.plot_comp(df_var, scatter_kws={'alpha': 0.1, 'color': 'k', 's': 0.3}, kde_kws={'levels': 4, 'shade': True, 'shade_lowest': False}, show_pdf=False, fig=None, ax=None)[source]#

Produce a scatter plot with linear regression line to compare simulation results and observations.


DataFrame containing variables to plot with datetime as index. Two columns, ‘Obs’ and ‘Sim’ for observations and simulation results, respectively, must exist.

scatter_kws: dict

keyword arguments passed to sns.regplot. By default, {"alpha": 0.1, "s": 0.3, "color": "k"}.

show_pdf: boolean

if a PDF overlay should be added. By default, False.

kde_kws: dict

kde_kws passed to sns.kdeplot when show_pdf=True


figure showing 1:1 line plot