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  3. Please cite SUEWS with proper information from our Zenodo page.

6.1.1. Tutorials#

To familiarise users with SuPy urban climate modelling and to demonstrate the functionality of SuPy, we provide the following tutorials in Jupyter notebooks:


  1. The Anaconda distribution is suggested as the scientific Python 3 environment for its completeness in necessary packages. Please follow the official guide for its installation.

  2. Users with less experience in Python are suggested to go through the following section first before using SuPy. Python 101 before SuPy#

Admittedly, this header is somewhat misleading: given the enormity of Python, it’s more challenging to get this section correct than coding SuPy per se. As such, here a collection of data analysis oriented links to useful Python resources is provided to help novices start using Python and then SuPy.