Version 2021a (in development)


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4.1. Version 2021a (in development)#

  • Improvement

    1. Added a new RoughLenMomMethod (4) to calculate roughness and displacement height as a function of plan area index and effective height of roughness elements following the ensemble mean of Fig 1a in [Grimmond and Oke, 1999]

    2. Coupled SPARCATUS into SUEWS for detailed modelling of radiation balance.

    3. Added a new option DiagMethod in RunControl.nml to control the output of radiation balance.

  • Changes

    1. TO ADD

  • Fix

    1. fixed a bug in radiation scheme: observed incoming longwave radiation cannot be used.

  • Known issues

    1. Wind direction is not currently downscaled so non -999 values will cause an error.