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4.14. Version 2012b#

  1. Error message generated if all the data are not available for the surface resistance calculations

  2. Error message generated if wind data are below zero plane displacement height.

  3. All error messages now written to ‘Problem.txt’ rather than embedded in an ErrorFile. Note some errors will be written and the program will continue others will stop the program.

  4. Default variables removed (see below). Model will stop if any data are problematic. File should be checked to ensure that reasonable data are being used. If an error occurs when there should not be one let us know as it may mean we have made the limits too restrictive.

Contents no longer used File defaultFcld=0.1 defaultPres=1013 defaultRH=50 defaultT=10 defaultU=3 RunControl.nml

  • Just delete lines from file

  • Values you had were likely different from these example value shown here