Version 2014a (released on 21 February 2014)


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4.12. Version 2014a (released on 21 February 2014)#

  1. Bug fix: External irrigation is calculated as combined from automatic and manual irrigation and during precipitation events the manual irrigation is reduced to 60% of the calculated values. In previous version of the model, the irrigation was in all cases taken 60% of the calculated value, but now this has been fixed.

  2. In previous versions of the model, irrigation was only allowed on the irrigated grass surface type. Now, irrigation is also allowed on evergreen and deciduous trees/shrubs surfaces. These are not however treated as separate surfaces, but the amount of irrigation is evenly distributed to the whole surface type in the modelled area. The amount of water is calculated using same equation as for grass surface (equation 5 in Järvi et al. Version 2011), and the fraction of irrigated trees/shrubs (relative to the area of tree/shrubs surface) is set in the gis file (See Table 4.11: SSss_YYYY.gis)

  3. In the current version of the model, the user is able to adjust the leaf-on and leaf-off lengths in the FunctionalTypes. nml file. In addition, user can choose whether to use temperature dependent functions or combination of temperature and day length (advised to be used at high-latitudes)

  4. In the gis-file, there is a new variable Alt that is the area altitude above sea level. If not known exactly use an approximate value.

  5. Snow removal profile has been added to the HourlyProfileSSss_YYYY.txt. Not yet used!

  6. Model time interval has been changed from minutes to seconds. Preferred interval is 3600 seconds (1 hour)

  7. Manual correction: input variable Soil moisture said soil moisture deficit in the manual – word removed

  8. Multiple compiled versions of SUEWS released. There are now users in Apple, Linux and Windows environments. So we will now release compiled versions for more operating systems (section 3).

  9. There are some changes in the output file columns so please, check the respective table of each used output file.

  10. Bug fix: with very small amount of vegetation in an area – impacted Phenology for LUMPS