Version 2014b (released on 8 October 2014)


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4.10. Version 2014b (released on 8 October 2014)#

PDF Manual for v2014b

These affect the run configuration if previously run with older versions of the model:

  1. New input of three additional columns in the Meteorological input file (diffusive and direct solar radiation, and wind direction)

  2. Change of input variables in InitialConditions.nml file. Note we now refer to CT as ET (ie. Evergreen trees rather than coniferous trees)

  3. In GridConnectionsYYYY.txt, the site names should now be without the underscore (e.g Sm and not Sm_)

Other issues:

  1. Number of grid areas that can be modelled (for one grid, one year 120; for one grid two years 80)

  2. Comment about Time interval of input data

  3. Bug fix: Column headers corrected in 5 min file

  4. Bug fix: Surface state 60 min file - corrected to give the last 5 min of the hour (rather than cumulating through the hour)

  5. Bug fix: units in the Horizontal soil water transfer

  6. ErrorHints: More have been added to the problems.txt file.

  7. Manual: new section on running the model appropriately

  8. Manual: notation table updated

  9. Possibility to add snow accumulation and melt: new paper

Järvi L, Grimmond CSB, Taka M, Nordbo A, Setälä H, and Strachan IB Version 2014: Development of the Surface Urban Energy and Water balance Scheme (SUEWS) for cold climate cities, Geosci. Model Dev. 7, 1691-1711, doi:10.5194/gmd-7-1691-Version 2014.