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4.8. Version 2017a (released on 1 Feb 2017)#

  1. Changes to input file formats (including RunControl.nml and InitialConditions files) to facilitate setting up and running the model. Met forcing files no longer need two rows of -9 at the end to indicate the end of the file.

  2. Changes to output file formats (now option to write out only a subset of variables, rather than all variables).

  3. SUEWS can now disaggregate forcing files to the model time-step and aggregate output at the model time-step to lower resolution. This removes the need for the python wrapper used with previous versions.

  4. InitialConditions format and requirements changed. A single file can now be provided for multiple grids. SUEWS will approximate most (but not all) of the required initial conditions if values are unknown. (However, if detailed information about the initial conditions is known, this can still be provided to and used by SUEWS.)

  5. Leaf area index calculations now use parameters provided for each vegetated surface (previously only the deciduous tree LAI development parameters were applied to all vegetated surfaces).

  6. For compatibility with GIS, the sign convention for longitude has been changed. Now negative values are to the west, positive values are to the east. Note this appears to have been incorrectly coded in previous versions (but may not necessarily have been problematic).

  7. Storage heat flux calculation adapted for shorter (sub-hourly) model time-step: hysteresis calculation now based on running means over the previous hour.

  8. Improved error handling, including separate files for serious errors (problems.txt) and less critical issues (warnings.txt).

  9. Edits to the manual.

  10. New capabilities being developed, including two new options for calculating storage heat flux (AnOHM, ESTM) and modelling of carbon dioxide fluxes. These are currently under development and should not be used in Version 2017a.