Version 2017b (released on 2 August 2017)


  1. Need help? Please let us know in the UMEP Community.

  2. Please report issues with the manual on the GitHub Issues.

  3. Please cite SUEWS with proper information from our Zenodo page.

4.7. Version 2017b (released on 2 August 2017)#

PDF Manual for v2017b

  1. Surface-level diagnostics: T2 (air temperature at 2 m agl), Q2 (air specific humidity at 2 m agl) and U10 (wind speed at 10 m agl) added as default output.

  2. Output in netCDF format. Please note this feature is NOT enabled in the public release due to the dependency of netCDF library. Assistance in enabling this feature may be requested to the development team via SUEWS mail list.

  3. Edits to the manual.

  4. New capabilities being developed, including two new options for calculating storage heat flux (AnOHM, ESTM) and modelling of carbon dioxide fluxes. These are currently under development and should not be used in Version 2017b.

  5. Known issues

    1. BLUEWS parameters need to be checked

    2. Observed soil moisture can not be used as an input

    3. Wind direction is not currently downscaled so non -999 values will cause an error.