Version 2018a (released on 2 August 2018)


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4.6. Version 2018a (released on 2 August 2018)#

  • New

    1. Many under-the-hood improvements:

      • Added explicit interface intent for confusion-less coupling between SUEWS modules

      • Restructured layout of physics schemes for better modularity

      • Improved the alignment in output txt files

    2. New documentation system

    3. Added SUEWS input converter for conversion of input files between versions

    4. Added Benchmark Report for recent releases.

  • Improvement

    1. Improved the near surface diagnostics scheme (T2, Q2, U10)

    2. Improved skin temperature calculation (Ts)

  • Changes

    1. StabilityMethod: recommended option is change from 2 to 3 as options other than 3 have been noticed with numerical issues under several scenarios, which will be fixed in the next release.

    2. Model run - changes in selections moved from SUEWS_SiteSelect.txt to SUEWS_AnthropogenicHeat.txt: EnergyUseProfWD, EnergyUseProfWE, ActivityProfWD, ActivityProfWE.

    3. BiogenCO2Code is added to SUEWS_Veg.txt for looking up biogenic characteristics in the new SUEWS_BiogenCO2.txt file.

    4. TraifficRate and BuildEnergyUse in SUEWS_SiteSelect.txt are expanded to allow weekday and weekend values: TrafficRate_WD, TrafficRate_WE, QF0_BEU_WD, QF0_BEU_WE.

    5. AnthropCO2Method is removed from RunControl.nml.

    6. AnthropHeatMethod is renamed to EmissionsMethod.

    7. AHMin, AHSlope and TCritic are expanded to allow weekday and weekend values by adding _WD and _WE as suffix, of which AHSlope and TCritic are also expanded to allow cooling and heating settings.

  • Known issues

    1. BLUEWS is disabled

    2. Observed soil moisture can not be used as an input

    3. Wind direction is not currently downscaled so non -999 values will cause an error.