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1. Installation#

1.1. Formal releases#

Since 2023, SUEWS is available as a command line tool via its Python wrapper package SuPy (SUEWS in Python) on PyPI and conda-forge.


The Fortran-based binaries build prior to 2023 are still available at the SUEWS download page. However, they are not maintained anymore so users are encouraged to use the Python-based packages instead.

1.1.1. Installing Python#

These instructions will set you up with mamba, which makes it easy to install and manage Python packages.

To install the mamba Python distribution follow the mamba installation instructions.

This makes installing supy and many other packages in the scientific Python ecosystem much easier and quicker. It also provides many pre-compiled binaries that are not available on PyPI.


mamba is a drop-in replacement for conda (another widely used Python package manager): mamba is faster and solves some common problems with conda. More details about mamba can be found at mamba.

1.1.2. Installing SuPy#

One can install supy using pip:

python3 -m pip install supy --upgrade

1.2. Development build#

The development build can be highly unstable and is not recommended for production use. However, it is automatically constructed every week for testing purposes and we are happy to receive feedback on the development build.

To install the development build of SUEWS, you need to install supy in the development mode:

  1. git clone the repository:

    git clone https://github.com/UMEP-dev/SUEWS.git
  2. navigate to the directory of the cloned repository:

    cd SUEWS
  3. install the package in the development mode:

    make dev