Version 2016a (released on 21 June 2016)


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4.9. Version 2016a (released on 21 June 2016)#

PDF Manual for v2016a

  1. Major changes to the input file formats to facilitate the running of multiple grids and multiple years. Surface characteristics are provided in SUEWS_SiteSelect.txt and other input files are cross-referenced via codes or profile types.

  2. The surface types have been altered:

    • Previously, grass surfaces were entered separately as irrigated grass and unirrigated grass surfaces, whilst the ‘unmanaged’ land cover fraction was assumed by the model to behave as unirrigated grass. There is now a single surface type for grass (total for irrigated plus unirrigated) and a new bare soil surface type.

    • The proportion of irrigated vegetation must now be specified for grass, evergreen trees and deciduous trees individually.

  3. The entire model now runs at a time step specified by the user. Note that 5 min is strongly recommended. (Previously only the water balance calculations were done at 5 min with the energy balance calculations at 60 min).

  4. Surface conductance now depends on the soil moisture under the vegetated surfaces only (rather than the total soil moisture for the whole study area as previously).

  5. Albedo of evergreen trees and grass surfaces can now change with leaf area index as was previously possible for deciduous trees only.

  6. New suggestions in Troubleshooting section.

  7. Edits to the manual.

  8. CBL model included.

  9. SUEWS has been incorporated into UMEP