Version 2012a


  1. Need help? Please let us know in the UMEP Community.

  2. Please report issues with the manual on the GitHub Issues.

  3. Please cite SUEWS with proper information from our Zenodo page.

4.15. Version 2012a#

  1. Improved error messages when an error is encountered. Error message will generally be written to the screen and to the file ‘problems.txt’

  2. Format of all input files have changed.

  3. New excel spreadsheet and R programme to help prepare required data files. (Not required)

  4. Format of coef flux (OHM) input files have changed.

    • This allows for clearer identification for users of the coefficients that are actually to be used

    • This requires an additional file with coefficients. These do not need to be adjusted but new coefficients can be added. We would appreciate receiving additional coefficients so they can be included in future releases – Please email Sue.

  5. Storage heat flux (OHM) coefficients can be changed by

    • time of year (summer, winter)

    • surface wetness state

  6. New files are written: DailyState.txt

    • Provides the status of variables that are updated on a daily or basis or a snapshot at the end of each day.

  7. Surface Types

    • Clarification of surface types has been made. See GIS and OHM related files