Version 2011b


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4.16. Version 2011b#

  1. Storage heat flux (ΔQs) and anthropogenic heat flux (QF) can be set to be 0 W m-2

  2. Calculation of hydraulic conductivity in soil has been improved and HydraulicConduct in SUEWSInput.nml is replaced with name SatHydraulicConduct

  3. Following removed from HeaderInput.nml

    • HydraulicConduct

    • GrassFractionIrrigated

    • PavedFractionIrrigated

    • TreeFractionIrrigated

The lower three are now determined from the water use behaviour used in SUEWS

  1. Following added to HeaderInput.nml

    • SatHydraulicConduct

    • defaultQf

    • defaultQs

  2. If ΔQs and QF are not calculated in the model but are given as an input, the missing data is replaced with the default values.

  3. Added to SAHP input file

    • AHDIUPRF – diurnal profile used if EmissionsMethod = 1

Version 2012a this became obsolete OHM file (SSss_YYYY.ohm)